Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Cooler...

do you ever want to see William H. Macy's naked arse?

I've never seen so much of his naked ass.

His naked ass, the image, has been cauterized onto my eyeballs.

Burned seared horrendous horrible.

Granted the Kevin Costner nudity is tolerable but unpleasent.

But so much exposure of the bottom portions of William H. Macy, both sides, unclad and barely covered when covered are enough to justify R-rating and more? What's the Rating for Unpleasent Nudity, Undesired Nudity?


The Cooler the Movie.... William H. Macy is naked. Completely naked. Too much so.

Granted the movie is a good. It's a good movie. I like the movie. But parts are incredibly unpleasent.... interestingly those must have been the parts most pleasent for the Bernie character. William H. Macy probably did not protest his exposure or interaction with Maria Bello. Again though, I warn you of the mighty, terrible things you may see in this film. Mind you: if you want to see William H. Macy in the buff, that's your terrible taste but I tell you that H does does not stand "Hiney, wonderful".

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