Sunday, August 20, 2006

Chuck Dixon on The JonBenet Ramsay case

They finally have their man in this odious child murder.
I don't generally follow these "hot" murder cases. But this one has always bugged me for several reasons.
I still have my doubts and a lot of questions.
There were so many odd, maddening and incongruous elements to this case.
The parents did just about everything they could to complicate the investigation process.
The initial police search did not find a body inside the house. Then JonBenet's dad insisted on another search and let them directly to his daughter's body.
The ransom note brings up a LOT of questions. Did her mother write it? And why?
The Ramsays lawyered up almost immediately and insisted on every Byzantine process they could dredge up to keep the cops at arms length from them.
This confession from a guy in Thailand is suspicious as well. He's being held on a sex charge by the Thai authorities. Being arrested for a sex crime in Thailand is like being hauled in for gambling in Las Vegas. What exactly did this guy DO to violate Thai moral statutes?
And what are the chances that a guy facing Thailand's style of justice would confess to the most publicized child murder case of the past decade? That's a confession even the Thai authorities couldn't ignore. So, he gets extradited back to the good ol' USA to face trial and do time in a Colorado prison. Better than a Bangkok lock-up. Hell, a Mexican prison would seem like Club Med in comparison.
I still have questions. And since this clown will probably recant his confession the second his Reeboks touch down in the Land of the Free to Walk, we'll now have some of them answered.
My crazy, wild-eyed theory? Little JonBenet died by misadventure in her own home. Fell down a flight of stairs. Took a header in the bath tub. Something lethal but not criminal. Her parents, with their WAY over-exaggerated sense of their own importance in the community (they both EXUDED this in interviews and statements to the press) went blood simple and cooked up first a kidnap plot and finally a bizarre, ritualistic sex murder to cover the fact that their child died in a common home accident due to their own negligence.
Yeah, it's a nutty idea. But it's the only scenario that explains, to me anyhow, the events of that night and the following days.
I wouldn't be surprised if this guy jetting in from Thailand doesn't have his story fall apart quickly or fails to prove that he was even in the Boulder area at the time of the murder.
No matter how this plays out, I'm still convinced that there's far more to all of this than meets the eye.

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