Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Recent attempts by Liberal Democrats, definitive Leftists, dogmatic scientists, and Progressives to frame Republicans, Conservatives, right-wingers in general, the 43rd President of the United States and his Cabinet, and Christians as "anti-science", "anti-scientific" or the agressors in a so-called "war on science" or "was against science" enter my sensory perception to be the same as bigots.

It is ideological bigotry driving people to claim that others are "against science" as if science itself were a consistent concept that could be warred on, fought with, and defeated or eliminated. If one's knowledge, conclusions, ideas, beliefs, or understanding conflicts with anothers that does not (in and of itself, obviously) neccessarily give anyone the right to try and impugn the other's credibility on a basis of that person's so-called relationship to science.

While it is true that anybody has the right to say anything it is certainly unfair for any non-omniscient professional to attack anybody for a personal stance that certainly cannot be proven outright or definitively, especially when arguments like "they are all anti-science" can damage credibility and reputations and create biases especially when they people declaring Republicans to be anti-science have beliefs that they declare to be scientific using stuff that they claim is hard data when that hard data is impossible to verify.

Anyone being dogmatic about stuff that's placed before recorded history shouldn't deny that there's an edge of religion to their notions.

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