Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Android Super-Heroes

I promised a whimsical comic bookish thing here.

Sentient robotic super-heroes are listed here. Synthetic human beings, imitaitons, and artificial men who have a tendency to wish that they were real boys.

You will not find cyborgs here nor you will you find DC Comics' second Robotman, for a reason that I will note later. The lists are seperated by company.

Marvel Comics
  • the original Human Torch aka James "Jim" Hammond
  • the Vision (the second Vision) aka Victor Shade
  • Machine Man (real name X-51 or Aaron Stack), formerly called Mister Machine
  • Jocasta
DC Comics
  • the Red Tornado (the second Red Tornado) aka John Smith
  • Hourman III
  • Tomorrow Woman
  • the Metal Men
Wildstorm/Image Comics
  • Spartan
That's a short list. Expand the parameters and the list only grows a little. The original Robotman and the second Robotman, Cliff Steele, were both cyborgs. At one point Cliff Steele became a posthuman being, of sorts, but I wouldn't abandon the original premise and call him a robot (despite that his post-Morrison status made him resemble the Vision more than the original Robotman character from the 1940s). DC Comics has another robot/android figure called Powerman, but he's not really a character since its a sacrificial automaton that Superman used a decoy during a Batman-must-not-join-in-on-this-adventure-for-his-own-good World's Finest story. Powerman had no powers, aside that its strength was beyond human, and was not even close to resembling a sentient being. Powerman had only slightly more of a brain than the Energizer Bunny. The Super Powers action figure collection included a robot character, Cyclotron, that never appeared in any story medium.

One could also question the validity of the Metal Men's inclusion.

Anyone have any ideas for further entries?

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