Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!!

Not out of laziness but certainly to instill a certain sense of perspective (if not a specific and/or intentional one, let alone a specific intentional one or a specifically intentional one) I point you to a few articles from National Review Online.
  • Memories of the 4th
  • Fourth at the Front, which is certainly about instances of heroism in war at this date, or recollections relevent for they are of stuff on the date, from war or battle. It is these sacrifices, in part, which gauruntee our continued freedom.
  • Construction Deconstructed
    is a simple note about a debate between facts and the concept of history as being constructed, which certainly could have sone bearing as how to students learn and then know about the founding of thise country.

There you are. Sorry if it's not quite as thrilling or sentimental as one would have me be.

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