Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dialing B with Mr. A.

Robby Reed on Dial B for Blog (I still cannot know if that is his real name) did a three-part piece on legendary comic book creator Steve Ditko, going over facts about the man, the growth and evolution of his philosophy and ideology and how and when that specficially came to affect his work.

Simply put Steve Ditko was co-plotting and pencilling the Amazing Spider-Man and Doctor Strange for Marvel Comics, but upon the introduction of Aym Rand and her works/beliefs/philosphies into his mind his work went into another direction. Mr. Reed also feeds us a short yet comprehensive biography for Ms. Rand as he ties her Objectivism into the article on Steve Ditko. In this way we start with Aym to introduce Mr. A as ultimately this is not just a representation of Steve Ditko in general but certainly focused on the Objectivism of the later works, taking time to study other themes. It's told in three parts.

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