Thursday, July 06, 2006

cellphone ads feature irresponsible dumbheaded parents

Why not? That's a good enough stereotype.

Just a minute ago the television behind me featured a Centennial wireless advertisement. The woman's brat was asking, actually whining, about getting a new phone after what was presumably, and statedly, an unusually short amount of time. So some whiney, bratty , discontented child of a teenager wants the newest and 'greatest" and latest fad item, be it this one in phone-form.

They were in an outdoors restaurant. She turns around sees a dude in a Centennial shirt, and the cameras focuses in on the logo on his breast (this ties into the whole running gimmick of this series of commercials where we're sold the idea these 'Centennial people' are widely recognized authorities on all sorts of cellphone crap and people can, do, and should walk up to them and ask them stuff). Then she taps him on the shoulder and asks 'what do you think?' She explains the situation (or he was eavesdropping, I cannot recall specifically) and then he explains that the program that comes with subscribing to his company's phone service comes with a 'discounts on phones' everytime the consumer/customer/paid subscriber wants brand new phone (needlessly or not). So the bratty, ungrateful girl who desires an unneccessary phone asks her weak mother for a new thing and then she asks a cellphone salesman for advice!!

"Gee, Satan, do you want my soul?" Good Lord! What is a salesman supposed to say when you ask them for advice on whether you should buy something that is relevent to their field? Especially when someone like a phone salesman is dependent on sales commissions to survive! Needless to say the woman turns back around, looks at the discontented spoiled teenager and the girl says "YESSS!" loudly with the hands in the air as if there was a touchdown. The weak mother just gives in. This is stupid and a fictional model for irresponsiblity that probably and unfortunately has real-life parallels.

That, of course, reminds me of the cellphone advertisement where the father asks his daughter if she is going to hang out with her friend that night; she rudely responds and that is his impetus to purchasing a family plan. Now I'll present a summary of that commercial by Agony Booth member qc86, posted on the Agony Booth Forum on March 1, 2005.
A newer commercial that just pisses me off is the one for one of the Family cell phone plans. A father asks his teenage daughter is she is hanging out with her friend that night. The bratty little b**** daughter makes the phone gesture with her hand and says "I don't know, let me check" and acts like she is calling her friend. This convinces the father that it is time to get the family cell phones.

WHAT? If I had a daughter and she acted like such a little brat, I wouldn't give her another thin dime over and above what I was required by law. That one move alone would have made her pay for her entire college by herself. [All she would get is] Hand me down clothing, or, better yet, clothing from Walmart, and generic brand foods. But just for the kid. I'd continue buying myself what I wanted.

PICK UP THE DAMN LAND PHONE you little brat! Kids got along for almost a HUNDRED years with a phone that acutally (GASP) was connected with a WIRE. If you want one so bad, get a frickin' job and get it yourself! And if you are using a cell phone to make a LOCAL call in the early evening, then you are not ready to have on in the first place! This father is going to pay all her overage charges while she calls her local friends on her cell phone when a free land phone is 2 feet from her?
The language and poor grammar aside that is precisely how I feel about the commercial. Treating your parents rudely is how you get expensive luxuries? Are we teaching children that? There probably are more than enough parents in real life who would bow to their kids' whims and whining, just like that.

This is not a good thing. What is it with teenagers and cellphones? We should not now nor ever pass along the notion that a mobile phone is just an average mundane mediocre part of your average not-above-super-class standard for living for people who are effectively children.

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