Friday, July 14, 2006

Can You Wipe My Mind?

written by Scott Hileman, to be read to the tune of and inspired directly by "Can You Read My Mind", which was a rhyme performed by Margot Kidder and featured in Superman: the Movie

Scott says: "Well, most people here have seen Superman Returns, and many have misgivings about elements from Superman II that has consequences in this movie. And while the composer did a bang up job with bringing back the John Williams score, I was surprised that the (in)famous lyrics from the first movie did not return for an encore, which of course, was sung by Margot Kidder in her best non-singing style ala William Shatner's 'Mr Tamborine Man'. To adjust for the current setting and situations, I have applied my non-musical background for the new, updated lyrics:"

Can you wipe my mind,
Did you know what you did to me,
I don't know who you are,
Just a playah from another star,

Here I am with a kid in school,
Knocked up by a god, I'm a fool,
Will look at me wavering,
like a little girl vascillating
You looked right over me,

Can you wipe my mind,
Can you see the things I'm dwelling on,
Wondering where you are,
Picking up another gal in a bar

You can fly, checkin' out booty on the sly,
You and I could've been together,

If you need a friend,
I'm the one to fly pass,
If you need to be loved,
Get another piece of---

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