Saturday, June 24, 2006

Google Can Be Incredibly Stupid

I was working with public television on in the background and (the program was Great Getaways) and a catchy song came on so I decided to search for the lyrics as long as I could retain them. The gist was
I am a Michigan man ask where I'm from I'll show you my hand
Knowing no better I typed those words into the Google search field, without quotes, made it do its thing. I'm pretty sure that I did not get the lyrics entirely accurate, and I will skip ahead to tell you that entering those words just like that inside of quotation marks gets you no results. Outside of trapping the line within punctuation I get the oddest results, including nothing near the answer of my question. The very first entry on the results list the home page of Hugh Hewitt, the conservative talk show host, simply because Hewitt has pronouns on his webpage. The same for the next site, Alderac something, it admits "I'm just like Regularguy" and uses a possessive. Next is Instapundit! I do a multi-word Google search and instead of delivering something close to the relevence of the subjects, nouns, I get a list of sites that have pronouns, extremely common words, on them, with no real sense of why those sites in that order have been summoned in relation to the original sentence! Whoever coded Google is to some extent a fool or an idiot.

I was under the impression that Google didn't react much to extremely common words; in theory it should react to the most special and proper words and seek something of formulated relation/relevence. Oddly enough it seemed to choose only words that could not help a search.

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