Friday, September 16, 2005

the Indignities of Googling Chris Arndt

As far as I knew for the longest time googling my name brought you to this blog. The first Chris Arndt in Google was me.

Now, thanks to Rox Wiki my German counterpart (whom I have known of for awhile, might've corresponded with him once, too) is now number one. I hate that. Hopefully that will change.

At least I am not this guy. Please, please do not mistake me for him. I'm mostly healthy.

To be honest I only looked myself up againt out of a natural burst of curiousity. I was googling Scipio Garling to test how how easy it was to find information on him. Frankly I was blogger-stalking because it seems like the more and diverse things you achieve or work in the more information and material is available about you. A dude whom I first thought was smart yet not entirely there (and perhaps even creating an illusion of yet greater intelligence as some have done) is actually quite smart, is an authority in dog-training, and was/is a member of a barber shop quartet. I already knew his opinion on the recent Leslie Thompkins writing, and I suspect that he is of the socio-political right (based on his recognition of good and evil) but I do not want to know for certain. That's correct: do not tell me; I don't care.

I never completed Googling myself. There's more to me than what's in the first search page.

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