Friday, September 16, 2005


I am aware that I am not among the worst off in this country but quite frankly I'm not exactly well-off myself right now. I keep in mind that I am very fortunate and that I have many advantages and blessings that many do not have; God has blessed me in many ways and fashions that I do not deserve.

August 28th, 2005 my car was effectively destroyed in a collision with a mini-van. The Arndtmobile mk II collided with a larger vehicle and the engine was smashed. There were no fatalities and I only suffered minor injuries. I am officially "at fault" for the accident so my expenses will increase and for the moment I have no automobile at my immediate and convenient means.

I need a car. Without a car I cannot work regular hours and thus cannot draw a regular income thus I cannot make a living. I successfully commute to University by using my mother's automobile but this cannot last for long. I have been blessed in that I have a line on a sedan but I have to wait. What I ask from you, dear reader and possible enemy (hopefully friend) is that you actually donate through PayPal or when you buy something through Amazon, you go through the link on my weblog here.

Also on the Friday of my first week of classes I caused a bug on my computer by interrupting the Pre-Windows Scandisk process during boot-up. Now the laptop, my only internet computer, will not "initialize Windows". My desktop computer is nearly fully functional but the modem has not functioned since May 2004 after a lightning strike. I am internetless at home; this is crippling me professionally and academically. I could simply reformat the laptop's hard drive but then I'd lost four or five months worth of work, records, chat logs, and other data that I'd rather not lose. Backing up the laptop will cost me some serious coin. Fixing my computer problems will cost considerable capital. Feeling any compassion for someone with needs but who is still pretty well off?

My problems are not life or death, but I would still appreciate the help! Thank you.

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