Wednesday, September 07, 2005

DC Ranks Poorly In New Gun Report

I present this. Firearms in the hands of the right people (read: benevolent and apropriately learned) are good things and assist in keeping a family and other loved ones safe. On the other hand, it is bad that guns are in the possession of bad guys, criminals, malevolent forces, and people with the intention to do harm to good people (read: innocents and the relatively innocent).

The Associated Press (channelled through WTOP radio) presents that the District of Columbia has the lowest number of homes owning/possessing "loaded and unlocked firearms". Note that this is not neccessarily an unsafe environment if an individual has had the proper instruction and if as a proper parent his children have been given apropriate discipline. The AP story also notes that Washington has a high amount of gun crimes. Washington, DC has suffered harm to its people by criminals using guns; few innocent people possess weapons of their own because of a bann from the local city government.

The difference between me and the Associated Press? The AP thinks that the above situation is a good thing.

hat tip to Jonah Goldber

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