Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ron Reagan versus Christopher Hitchens

It should already be common knowledge that Ron Reagan, Jr is leftist scum, an apple fallen far from the tree and a little parasite trying to trade in on his father's honorable name for an ounce plus fifteen minutes of something resembling fame and influence within the DNC.

He often makes misguided and ill-informed arguments about current events and hot topics and lets his own ideology deflect his gaze from fact and truth. Christopher Hitchens is a man on the left, on the other hand, whom does not let blind allegiance to vision distract him from he perceives as a right course of action.

Basically despite Hitchens' many flaws and viewpoints that I disagree with in many cases he is right and is well-informed. Reagan knows little of the War on Terror yet speaks. He speaks with Hitchens, a proponent of the War. Hitchens has the rotten apple outclassed.

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