Friday, May 27, 2005

I'm home

You read of my fire precisely four weeks ago.

The house has been restored and nearly everything has been cleaned or replaced; we're working on that. Most importantly the house is fit to live in and thus I am habitating here. I am home again and it doesn't smell like smoke.

Thank you for your prayers.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

smoke-damaged house

I won't be posting for awhile, as near I can guess, because currently not only am I (temporarily) homeless, but I am without computers as well.

There was a small fire at my house Friday afternoon and although I managed to extinguish (I figure) most of it and the local fire department the rest, my home was filled with smoke.

What that means is that there was a little fire in my basement spread smoke and eventually soot and a manner of other, invisible contaminants throughout the house, causing a tremendous stink and coating nearly everything with various toxic damaging substances. The environment is uninhabitable and frankly dangerous to enter.

Even what is supposedly sealed or what is on the opposite side of the domicile from the actual flame got contaminated and the computers likely have that same contaminant. It can corrode or damage the metals and circuitry and I can't risk turning on my computers and heating them up or the machines will become damaged, I can't clean them from that point, and I risk losing my tools and the data on them permanently. In fact, my CD-ROM back-ups may have been wrecked.

So I'm out homeless, along with my mother and I'm bouncing between relatives without a place to permanently live, and my stuff is, for now, unuseable.

As it is we're going to talk to the insurance people and hopefully everything can be cleaned or replaced (and whatever needs to be cleaned will have to be cleaned professionally). This is going to be interesting. It also means that I have no clothes, no computers, no phone and to a certain extent I am helpless.

If you pray, then pray for my family and my mother and her heirlooms. If not, well, that's that. Keeping me in your thoughts won't help that much.