Monday, March 07, 2005

Template Update

I removed the Tsunami donation box because frankly if you were going to donate towards helping the victims of the disaster you would have done so by now. Its existence was throwing off my layout anyway.

I added a link to Contrary Brin, the (apparently new) weblog of scientist and science-fiction writer David Brin. I also added a link to the Flynn Files; that is the weblog of Dan Flynn, author of Intellectual Morons and Why the Left Hates America.

Under Other Manifestations (I need to come up with another name for that) I added a link to my new Xanga. I'm still not sure what that's for but a number of my friends use that service to explain and articulate their feelings.

Can anyone tell me why I got a 150% hit-count boost just for typing in the words "pajamdeen"?

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