Friday, May 14, 2004

Time-Splitters 2 is freaking hard!

I play this game multi-player cooperative with my brother. Fine graphics. Fun game.

It's so hard.

Here's the IGN Guide to the game.

Hail the Master Chief.... Fear the Elites

Halo 2 is finally coming out. The release date is set in stone for November 9. Perhaps at that point I can afford a copy. In this article the IGN boys review their multiplayer demo experience with this masterful new game.

In addition to the stuff that would obviously be new in a new game there's just some great wonderful features. It's also very logical in the control mechanisms.

You can play Elites.
The Ghosts can take damage instead of merely be on a timer until destruction.
The Warthogs can and do blow up.
There are new weapons like a laser sword of sorts.
Small and logical control modifications.

Oh, this will be so much fun. No wonder the IGN boys were gushing.

The Master Chief. Tough as nails. As powerful as John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Mr T, The Rock, and George Foreman put together. And almost as cool as the Duke himself. The Attitude incarnate!

And although there is little, well, no playable difference apparently between playing an Elite and playing as the Master Chief in multi-player form, it's still going to rock. Fear the Elites. Fear me.

Oh, wait. Xbox Live... multi-player online. I'm going to be shredded by hard-core gamers....

Thank Duivba for the tip!

Thursday, May 13, 2004

beware... those who would believe that all are equal in every way

For those who believe men and women are interchangeable in function and purpose and who believe that equal access should be granted regardless of geographic logistic opportunity and relevance in sparse, expensive time...

For those who do not value the differences between every individual human being and insist against that which makes every one of us special...

I am your antichrist.

Face the rampant might of Derbman!

I didn't photomanip the image and I know nothing of his treehouse making prowess.

In fact all I know is lifting heavy objects and pieces of wood. My brother stapled and nailed the stuff together. Then again, my nephews' treehouse is another matter.

Mark Steyn's omelet

Mark Steyn has a good point and it is rather common sensical. Do we want really want to maintain stability in the Middle East if we're not happy with it as it is? It might make for a delicious omelet if we destabilize a few eggs.

The best and worst political reform comes from moments of instability; too often the stagnant countries are stable heckholes.

Measured Actions and Imageable Consequences

In regards to circulated rumors, ideas, and facts regarding torture in Iraq I'd stand by the claim by Jonathan Tobin that we should certainly be aware of what we do and attempt to not appear similar to our villains.
At the same time, we must also avoid lapsing into a self-righteous cocoon, in which we'll give up the fight against terrorists in the name of avoiding more Abu Ghraibs. As a country at war — and like it or not, America is at war with an enemy bent on our destruction — we can't expect our troops to always play by strict civil-libertarian rules. Nor can we cut and run in Iraq in order to avoid the possibility of other scandals without paying a price in the long run.
We cannot cloak ourselves in our morality and higher assertions and we cannot always remain pure in appearance. We can keep in mind that morality is something of a personal nature and not what an entire nation fails at as one.

Regardless, we cannot become isolationist to maintain illusions of Christ-like perfection, or we invite assault. Unlike Christ one day we may not be resurrected so easily.

the Daredevil Audio

Peruse the entire list of demo tracks and decide whether or not you really like DD's music selections.

Frankly I bookmarked this long ago when I was deciding what song to possibly pick for our Song of the Week.

That and I was perusing Moby.

One can guess that I'm deleting old favorites and simply loading the URLs here to keep the information.

I'm procrastinating. Ugh.

things Yogi Berra said

It's an entry on a general/famous quotation search engine.

There are other historic figures quoted and recorded.

Apple versus Bullet

This is an image of a bullet passing through an apple.

It's cool and fascinating; I notice that the apple's innards tend to explode outward in both directions.

Magic Invisible Camera Guy or Split-Splicing?

I'd apologize for the untimely post except that it's my topic blog. I post whenever however and whyever I want.

The House of Diabolique noticed something that even the players at Moorewatch did not catch. Surprisingly I don't believe any of the other major Moore watchers caught it prior.

I recall Moore screaming to Charlton Heston to notice a little girl. He wasn't. Unless the camera man behind him and in front of him were invisible, he had to have set up the shot, and it's not likely that Heston was there to observe Moore create a display of humanity and compassion.

The Original Stuff Is Good: the Complete Peanuts Vol. 1

I've read the original Peanuts strips one could find old Peanuts stuff from the fifties and sixties in the old library at Parkview Elementary School. Scott Kurtz informed the world of the existence. Good ol' Scott Kurtz. Wishy washy Scott Kurtz.

This stuff is good. I also recall something from around the time Charles Schultz died; he regrettably had a restriction of after a certain year which Peanuts cartoons would be published after he retired. He apparently did not approve of the quality of his original stuff. That's silly. The original stuff is good. I know it's good, it was only Schwartz who thought it was bad.

Yes, I, like Christmas, am getting commercial. For the most part I'm just experimenting with the Amazon Associate links. The Drew Carey purchase links, on the other hand, are there because I really want some sort of reward for all the freaking work I did to find simple research. I worked hard, not smart.

the Song's Well-Named... a Needlessly Complicated Quest Concludes

Long ago I downloaded a copy of Five O'Clock World, audibly identical to the opening theme of the Drew Carey Show, which was my intent. I did not know who sang it.

This morning I finally launched a serious effort to find out, or rather, definitively identify who sang the song. I already knew that there were over a half-dozen covers of the original, actual song (and there are likely over a dozen, but I'm not counting) and that the original song was sung by the Vogues. The Drew Carey Show official homepage is no help and simply lists the bands and groups that sing the rotation of theme song covers used in the eighth season. It's no help. The list links to home pages but sensibly none of the commercial CDs have actual covers of the relevent song; that'd require longer recording.

Neither the Internet Movie Database entry nor my several broad Google searches were great help.

The TVTome guide indicated that the Vogues sang the song in the episode where the song was used as a musical number and that that sequence was edited down in order for use as the opening theme for the Drew Carey episodes; that started in the second season (I already knew of the editing). It pointed me to the Drew Carey soundtrack on the All-Music Guide. To confirm the information from this unofficial source one merely has to listen to the track. Long ago Yahoo had Yahoo Music and that had that handy feature where one can listen to 30-second demos files. Since Yahoo cancelled that service and replaced it with Launch (as well as re-routing Yahoo Music's URL to the new service) we're not in a universe where if it's possible to use that same feature, I cannot do it. The All-Music Guide simply sent me on a circular loop. That is frustrating.

Finally I recalled that Amazon could likely help me. I listened and I confirmed finally, that it was not a mere cover but the original track. The Vogues' original version is the one used by the Drew Carey Show and is found on the Show's soundtrack. Satisfaction!
It's too late. I'm just tired and irritable. I have my information now.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

the Media's Agenda and its Repercussions of Exclusivity

Trusting what Dennis Prager is saying (and I have no reason not to), the American media is ignoring actual genocide and mass reports of rape and general atrocities in Africa that are occurring about now.

I really don't know about that because the media which I rely on at a primitive level has been focusing primarily, and almost exclusively on the abuses that a few members of our armed forces have perpetrated on a relatively small number of prisoners in a particular Iraqi prison.

Instead of covering news of actual atrocities and massive world-class horrors we simply have repeated incrimination of our military, and the current Presidential administration, in regards to what is in reality a local crime with limited actual repercussions beyond what the personal and professional lives of all parties involved, as well as policy-makers.

The media's constant broadcast and focus on these wretched acts are actually what is brining about larger consequences, and for the purposes of actual continuity the abuses may have brought down military investigation and then CBS and 60 Minutes may have then had their piece. CBS, as well as the other networks and media outlets, however, are the impetus for the great amount of negative attentiom that the United States has recieved from and because of what is truly a minor incident.

An agenda to attack or hammer national political issues would indeed explain why the American media aren't paying rightful attention to actual world issues.

That would be morally wrong!

If nothing else this gives various evil scumbags more excuses and catchphrases to mumble and utter when doing their vile, disgusting work.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

John McCain on Pat Tillman

This is apropriate. Pat Tillman is a hero. Given the circumstances surrounding his career, his life, his choices and his death Tillman serves as an adequate symbol for who and what our boys overseas are and what they accomplish and sacrifice.

He is just a normal man and a typical Army Ranger. He should not be honored above others but as his example is a-typical these differences should be observed and we should all make the most of them; the exception being the exploitation of his heroism.

John McCain does the right thing.

could someone tell me what this means?

Al Gore, Joel Hyatt launch cable TV network - May. 4, 2004

Why purchase a cable television network? Generally if a person owns one of these they use it to broadcast programming for the general purpose of selling advertising opportunities and thus making a profit. Quality and/or popular programming is selected and/or produced and then broadcasted in order to increase the value of advertising opportunities in order to recieve greater profit.

Al Gore purchased a Canadian network that broadcasts international news. He has stated for awhile that he wishes to run a liberal television network that would run counter to Fox News. That's a poor strategy considering that a television news station with a left-leaning bent would have to directly compete against both MSNBC and CNN, a match that few business people would be foolhardy enough to try... I know of none that have survived that battle.

A deliberately left-leaning broadcast station would be redundent matched up against the numerous stations that happen to be left-wing already, simply by coincidence.

Al Gore states that this station will not be political.

Al Gore states that this station will be for young people, ages 18-35. What young person, normally, tunes in to international news?

This announced business plan makes no sense to me. Something strange is going on.