Monday, November 10, 2003


It's difficult to not be angered, outraged, pissed off at this stuff.

- Pistol-packing Senior Chases Off Mugger, Gets Charged for Unlicensed Gun
An old man is beaten up and robbed in an elevator by a twenty-something mugger. A successful defensive response of pulling out his gun found the 80-year-old-man arrested for having an unliscensed fire-arm! To add another insult to the injuries endured his firearm is confiscated, his apartment searched and another gun taken. The harmless old man has now become officially defenseless and we see the pricipal of liscenses has now taken priority over the protection of innocents. This is America, to boot!

- Drug Raid At S.C. High School
A violent and shocking drug raid was perpetrated by armed police with K-9 units at Stratford High School in Goose Creek, S.C..
Police came into the school with guns at the ready, ordered all students to lie on the floor and then handcuffed anyone who apparently didn't comply quickly enough.
The Principal defends the raid because of a large amount of drug activity. It still doesn't seem like a justifiable action to treat children like grown-up, malicious, confirmed criminal thugs ("Surveillance video obtained by CBS Affiliate WCSC in Charleston shows the police waving their guns and searching lockers as students lie flat on their stomachs or sides"). While the Principal defends the measures,
The parents of some students who were subjected to the sweep disagree.
"I was just upset knowing they had guns put to their head and a K9 was barking at them and about to bite somebody. It was awful," parent Latonia Simmons told WCSC.
Is there any excuse for treating children like adults for suspected criminal behavior?

- Bishop's anti-gay comments spark legal investigation
Cheshire Police, in the UK, are investigating a man because he said some things that some people didn't like. The Bishop is getting his privacy assaulted and his reputation tarnished because a group like the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement are making complaints. Pressure from groups with relativistic morals are causing a man to investigated for thought crimes. That's just lovely. I hope behavior like this stays in the UK but frankly it'd better if it didn't exist at all.

Two of the three above events occurred in this country! Unabashed leftism, brutality, negligence of justice, moral relativity; I hate it.

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