Thursday, June 26, 2003

Something I wanted!

I have a title header now for my posts. I thought I was going to have to html one up. Thank you, blogger. It was almost worth the wait. Almost.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

something I heard lately....

God appears before a man and says that, as the most humble and devoted man of faith, he will be granted one request.

The man says, "I would like a bridge to the moon so that I can drive up there in my car."

God snorts and says, "Are you kidding? The moon orbits the Earth, so a fixed bridge won't work. And what would support it? Plus, you have the gravitational problems, the lack of oxygen... you have to ask for something workable!"

The man says, "Sorry, it was the first thing that came to me. How about peace in the Middle East?"

God considers this and says, "So, two-lane or four-lane?"

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I was informed by Micheal Hutchison

This week’s Economist has a good survey of the Nordic region that includes this old, and accurate, joke about the Finns and their dislike of unnecessary chatter:

“An old Finnish joke has two men sitting in a sauna, drinking beer. “Cheers!” says one, raising his glass. An hour and a few refills later, he raises his glass again and repeats: “Cheers!” Another hour on, and he breaks the silence yet again: “Cheers!”

The second man is speechless with anger, but eventually brings himself to reply: “are we here to drink or to talk?”