Tuesday, February 18, 2003

The reason why France and Germany are pulling this treacherous thing with Iraq. Click here and then scroll down to the third paragraph of the section "For Want of a Nail". As I suspected since forever the European Union is confederation against us. What I learn now is the link: Germany and Iraq want to use the Iraq issue as the defining issue to unite Europe with Chirac at the head. Hmmm.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Look what I found. Be weary. Alright. The lesson we have to learn today is to be cautious and careful with our money. So use PayPal but pay attention. Pay attention when using PayPal or you'll end up paying more.

Friday, February 14, 2003

I am an authority.

The universe rejoices. I recieved a phone call yesterday from a reporter from the daily leftist journal the State News. She was going through old articles and discovered that I was a member of the MSU College Republicans. She then called me to get my views on the Iraq situation, the United Nations' (under-) involvement, the University President's forum on war with Iraq, and gather a small profile on my political views. Basically I'm being used as an informational research. I said a lot of intelligent and true things to her. So I was quoted in an article in the State News. This is not the first time, of course.

What an interesting turn of events. I'm sitting in my room doing my best to be productive when the phone rings and my roommate Ben answers the phone. He's asked a question and says that "yes, he's here" and then tells me "Chris, you have a phone call. It's a girl!" Naturally this made me wonder. Women rarely call our dorm room. It is even rarer that I get such a phone call. I said something to the effect of "that's new" and picked up his poor handset before switching to another phone.

I acknowledge who I am and then I miss her introduction the first time. She asked good questions and was patient for an answer. For my part I was calm, patient and intent on answering these questions in the most articulate and accurate way possible. The entire point, of course, was to give accurate information and spread a viewpoint that could be seen as valid and intelligent. I wanted to be give a good representative statement. I realized that if I am being used as a source of information I better get it right. I tried to be as balanced in my diction as possible, in order to maintain a low risk of invalidation. Response to my statements were positive. Naturally I was quoted, as Ianticipated. Naturally my quote wasn't as long as I had hoped for nor was it what I really wanted focused on. But I did say those words and they are, for the most part, true.

This is the obligatory testing post. Does the weblog work? There's only one way to find out.